We believe that there is no fixed formula to solve marketing problems. Sometimes it may be in the form of a clutter-breaking print ad or a social media app or something as simple as a tweak on your existing product packaging.



We love brands. And we also love technology. So we exist to help clients find refreshing, highly-creative ideas that can help them engage their consumers on any platform. But it must always begin with a powerful insight. A powerful insight that stems from a sound understanding of the brand, its consumer and of course, technology. At Bluebot, we believe that our office coffee should always be extra-strong and that the big idea is right around the corner




We believe in a media-agnostic approach to advertising and thrive on creating cutting-edge work across all platforms. Social, Digital, ATL; we love them all.


We believe in the power of in-bound marketing through value creation. So we also place our focus on non-advertising content that can help bring consumers ser to a brand.Shareable stories born from consumer insights. Useful information that’s well packaged. Very important weapons in a new-age marketer’s arsenal.


Bluebot specialises in building highly-creative, long-term social media strategies to help your campaigns hit home.


In addition to creating organic, internet-centric campaigns, we help brands seamlessly integrate their existing offline marketing campaigns into the digital space.


Our in-house film production team can produce high-quality live-action and animated films. Since we produce them ourselves, we help our clients mitigate high-production costs associated with outsourcing production to third parties.

We believe that great strategy is the key to unlocking great creative work. So we take great effort to understand our brands, their playing-field and in getting to know their consumers.

BLUEBOT trusts in the power of data to help better under consumers and create campaigns that impact business.


We constantly strive to find new insights to ensure brands stay relevant and create campaigns that move customers.


A well-defined content strategy with structured content calendars to ensure timely delivery and deployment of creative assets


We constantly strive to find new insights to ensure brands stay relevant on social platforms and to help fine-tune their advertising efforts.


We partner you in creating a sharp-focused metrics program to help you filter and gather insights that are in line with your business goals.


We provide our clients with regular reports that help track the value and health of our ads, posts and campaigns.

Bluebot helps you manage your growing community of fans by providing you with content roadmaps and strategies that help generate organic Word Of Mouth marketing for your brand.


We cover all the core components of a page in the design. It covers profile pictures, cover/header photos, the about section, milestones, your brand manifesto etc.


A well-defined content strategy with Editorial Calendars to act as a strong bridge between the brand and the agency.


Fan engagement is a primary metric for any brand and discovering brand advocates will be the ultimate goal of it. We help focus engagement around great content.


We will help you understand your community of fans, their demographics and opinions towards your brand.


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The campaign conceptualised in association with BlueBot Digital encourages consumers to chase their aspirations while planning better and taking the right financial advice. Read More

Taxi aggregator TaxiForSure has, therefore, come out with a digital campaign to speak to its digital audience. '#MadnessForSure' is an educative and engaging campaign consisting series of quirky and humorous videos, featuring popular radio jockey and comedian Danish Sait as 'Constable Chowriappah'. Read More

Ordering a cab is easy. Simply download an app, tap at your smartphone’s screen, and you’re off! Taxi for Sure is one such relatively new player. Its latest campaign came in the form of traffic police inspector Constable Chowriappah, played by popular Bangalore-based radio jockey Danish Sait. Read More

Practo takes inspiration from daily life situations, cities, songs, Bollywood, Hollywood, special days of the year, and turn these into interesting and often hilarious creatives that have a great shareable value. Practo’s social media positioning makes them a very approachable and fun brand. Read More

While most brands talked about warm fuzzy love stories around Valentine's Day, Practo chose to highlight a break-up. Staying true to its proposition of health, the doctor discovery portal designed the tongue-in-cheek digital campaign. Read More

The initiative that celebrates single mothers of India shares the stories of the women who raised their children on their own along with managing other stuff. Read More

Financial market place, BankBazaar.com, has awarded its digital and social media mandate to Bangalore-based agency, Bluebot Digital. The agency won the account post a multi-agency pitch. Read More

Unmetric, a social media intelligence firm focused on brands, uses its analytics platform to uncover the top performing campaigns, content and videos in the APAC region. Unmetric's Engagement Score rates each piece of content from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of user interactions, which allows easy comparison of content regardless of the number of fans or followers a brand has. Read More

Now BankBazaar.com, an online finance-related marketplace, has recently released its new digital campaign #PlayYourPart, produced by Early Man Film and directed by Manoj Shetty, ex-group creative head of Ogilvy. The concept has been written by Carl Savio, chief creative officer of Bluebot, a Bengaluru based digital agency. Read More

"Speaking about the concept, Carl Savio, CCO, Bluebot, said, “The minute I heard the brief from the BankBazaar team, I knew instinctively that we were on to something very powerful. When you realize that the average Indian middle-class family has to spend approximately one fifth of their life-savings to get their children married you know that something needs to be said. It’s time to tell youngsters to step-up and help their parents in whatever way they can.” Read More

What do you get if you combine feel-good and heart warming? BankBazaar’s new campaign #ItsBeenAGoodYear, that’s what! Read More

BankBazaar has launched its latest digital banking campaign, #GoPaperless. The objective of the campaign is to change the paper-based mindset and to urge customers to look beyond paper. Read More

One of India’s leading financial websites, BankBazaar.com, released a digital advertising campaign on Mother’s Day. It is being touted as an ode to mothers who taught the first lessons on financial management to their children who picked up on these habits inadvertently. Read More

Right from media brands to health to FMCG, a lot of brands took to digital, outdoor and other mediums to send a message. BestMediaInfo picked up five such campaigns through which these respective brands tried to do their bit to the society Read More

With this campaign, the brand aims to impart knowledge about the digital and paperless finances amongst informal sector, the ones who are facing problems in transacting digitally and also to help them to become financially independent and secure. Read More

You read it on the Web. You hear it in the whispers. You see it at your office. The Digital Economy is changing the very fundamentals of how business is done. The age of coasting is over - the age of constant upskilling has begun. Read More

The campaign highlights the dire need for upskilling amongst Indian working professionals. The ‘Office Dinosaur’ concept created in conjunction with Bluebot Digital Pvt. Ltd. Read More

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